A question about nutrition?

nutritionally optimal oil should contain a balance of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids and provide enough omega 3 and vitamin E. However, no oil combines all these qualities. That’s why Cauvin develops blends to extract the best from each oil that composes them and obtain an optimal flavour. So organic omega Mediterranean 4-oil blend, organic omega Lemon 4-oil blend and Balance and Flavour Mediterranean oil are technical blends formulated to obtain maximum taste and benefits.

All our oils are 100% lipids and provide 9 kilocalories/g of oil.

A question about our products?

The deposit arises from seed or fruit particles produced during cold extraction. It is natural and not a risk to health.

This deposit is natural. It proves that it is an organic vinegar. The bacteria present in organic vinegar are not destroyed by the preservatives normally present in non-organic vinegars. They become activated by air in the bottle and form a deposit known as “mother of vinegar”.

It is a virgin oil, meaning that it is cold pressed with no treatment other than mechanical. It has an intense sunflower taste, which is characteristic of the seed and is completely normal for a virgin oil.

Yes, this is permitted by its fatty acid composition. It can be used for frying, but it gives quite a pronounced taste to the food and the aromas have a tendency to volatilise during heating. 

Do you have a problem with one of our bottles?

Nous vous invitons à contacter notre service consommateur à l’adresse mail cauvin@huilecauvin.com

Please remember to screw on the cap after use and preserve your bottle as indicated on the label.

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