Restaurant and catering industry

Restaurant and catering industry

Food service professionals at the heart of Cauvin

Jean-Manuel Greciet et Marc Fromentin form our industry team and are there to support you.

Attentive to the needs of professionals in the catering sector, the Cauvin oil mill is expanding its activity in order to be able to meet customer demands for food service.

Cauvin will guide you in your choice of products in order to adapt its offer to your needs. We are always at your side.

Cauvin's know-how

Cauvin draws on its expertise to offer you specific, high-quality oils and the practical advice you need to optimise their performance in the preparation of your products.

We are eager to meet your expectations and share our know-how of vegetable oils by providing you with a tip sheet for each technical product. 


Cauvin is attentive to changes in consumption and experienced in mass distribution. Its efficient sourcing allows it to bring variety and diversity to its professional range. With its experience and know-how, the company selects its suppliers and raw materials according to very precise requirements. In particular, a Certificate of Inspection is required for the selection of extra virgin olive oils.

Industrial facilities

With a new plant built in 2017, the Cauvin oil mill combines state-of-the-art technology, efficiency, flexibility and safety. 

At all stages – storage, crushing, packaging and shipping – the oil mill puts industrial performance at your service.

Throughout the process, it guarantees you effective traceability and rigorous quality controls.


  • Expertise in vegetable oils since 1951
  • A wide and varied range
  • Modern, efficient and IFS-certified industrial facilities
  • A sales team at your service for custom support
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