Our job in video

Discover the Cauvin factory, production line, quality laboratory, crushing, storage, shipping dock ... All the elements necessary for the creation of oil that is always a source of taste.

The packaging

Let's visit the packaging room. This is where Cauvin oils are bottled. We have a packaging potential of 15,000 liters / hour on 4 automated lines. That makes a lot of oils! A powerful tool to guarantee quality, safety and traceability.


In the conditioning room, we present our personal “R2-D2”: the palletizing robot.
The palletizer automates the palletization of our boxes filled with your favorite oils.
And let's go for a little demo that will blow your mind!


Here is the crushing workshop!

This is where the seeds are pressed to produce oil, which is mostly organic.

Hey no, the mill is no longer pressing the oil! The seeds are sorted, cold pressed, then the resulting oil is filtered several times to ensure superior quality.

This crushing workshop allows the production of 3,000 liters of organic oils per day. Enough to fill the shelves of your supermarkets!

A powerful tool to guarantee quality and great taste.

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